Since its establishment, the Southern New Jersey Chapter of NIGP has been dedicated to promoting professionalism and creditable purchasing methods. Its members represent cities, boroughs, townships, boards of education, utilities, authorities, colleges and parks, as well as county and state agencies.

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South Jersey NIGP


The Director of the Division of Local Government Services is proposing regulations to codify various coursework, examination, certification, continuing education, and certification renewal requirements for municipal clerks, qualified purchasing agents, tax collectors, municipal CFOs, and county CFOs.  

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The Governmental Purchasing Association of New Jersey

The South Jersey Chapter of NIGP

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Tour of Joint Meeting of Essex Union & Counties

QPA Renewal Issues


The attached memo regarding issues that the Division of Local Government Services has experienced with renewal of certifications was previously sent out in July 2014, and again in October 2014.  In addition, the memo notes that licensees were to start using the revised Record of Continuing Education/Renewal Forms as of January 1, 2015.  A link to the Professional Certification page of the Division's website is contained herein, and the revised forms can be downloaded from there.  As per this notice, at this point, any old renewal forms that are submitted will be returned for completion of the revised form.  If you have any questions in regard to the memo, please contact the Division's Certification Unit at (609) 292-9757

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