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To offer assistance to our members in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the Board of Directors of the Southern NJ Chapter of NIGP have determined to offer guidance and advise to local units of government that feel they need direction in how to deal with emergent situation. 

The primary and first contact should go to the Division of Local Government Services, but if additional help is needed, perhaps anyone of the Members could help. The Board will then contact a Professional Purchasing Agent in your area to assist.

Below you will also find a list of new State contracts which have been approved specifically for use due to Hurricane Sandy. Please be sure to read and comply fully with the requirements as with any State Contract. Hurricane Cooperative contracts for local use

A debris removal contract has been awarded to Ashbrit out of Florida off a contract bid in Connecticut. Please be aware that this contract can ONLY be used for removal
of debris from public streets and cannot be used to remove debris from private property. Further, if you use this firm you MUST also hire a monitoring company,
also provided by state contract. If you hire any other debris removal company, however, no monitor need be hired. Ashbrit generally sub-contracts the work out to
local contractors.

The Governor signed an Executive Order yesterday to permit local units to use funds approved in the budget for snow removal for any storm, related expenses. This
would include expenses due to Hurricane Sandy.

Finally, a number of local units have inquired about offering useable, but not needed equipment to some of the hard hit localities such as generators, front end loaders and the like. The Shared Services Office at DLGS is offering to be a clearing house for such activities. If you have something to offer, or are in need of a specific item or services, please contact Nancy Malool at: nancy.malool@dca.dca.state.nj.us 

We will attempt to keep our members informed as situations change.

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